One of the biggest concerns older drivers have is not wanting to give up their car because they want to remain independent. It’s one of the major concerns of families who don’t feel their parent should still be driving. The car is an important aspect of aging that elders hold on to because without it, they have to rely on others for all their daily necessities! Who can blame them?

The seriousness of the situation, however, is if they have any vision loss or confusion, they can injure themselves, or someone else. It’s an obvious answer. Hire a companion to drive them where they
want to go.

“I am so happy that I can be a part of helping seniors keep their independence by providing them through my company, Home Helpers Home Care, with highly qualified and dedicated companions and assuring them that they can grow older gracefully with security and helping hands.”

As one ages, many changes begin to affect seniors, and consequently, their families, so planning for those changes will assist everyone. One way to manage these changes is to talk with a companion service and know what’s available. Companions can provide so many valuable services, especially assisting with driving.

“When my husband had macular degeneration, he tried to drive, but realized he didn’t see everything and was endangering himself and others so he hired a companion that drove him to the doctor, the pharmacy, and to lunch with friends and was safe and satisfied. Admittedly, it was traumatic when he sold his car, but it worked for all of us…and he kept his independence.”

— A. Finley