Our November 2021 Publisher’s Choice

Review by Anita Finley, Gerontologist

I have always liked Gypsies and psychics and those who have special powers to read tea leaves, tarot cards, tell fortunes and communicate into far reaching corners of historical times and places.

So, if you are as fascinated as I, this book will keep you in suspense for hours! This book is a memoir written by a smart and interested friend of the fascinating woman, Doreen Ingram also originally Doreen Grindle. I wonder if any of our readers heard about her or even crossed paths If so, you would never forget her! I would have loved to speak to her because she was the warrior woman that was strong, yet compassionate, fierce and adventurous.

To sum up her life, she was a Cockney, Celtic of Rommany Gypsy heritage, a gifted psychic who endured a lifetime of abuse and much physical pain due to her polio. Yet, throughout her complicated life, Doreen had a good heart and courage.

The author, Evelyn Margaret Grey, was a close friend for twenty years and was compelled to write Doreen’s story. How fortunate are we to learn so much history about Gypsies all over the world, but to take a peek into the many personal experiences of a fortune teller, psychic, palm reader and tarot card expert.

Today, there are still many Gypsies throughout the world and even in the US. Recently, I was entertained in Miami at a restaurant/club that had Flamenco dancers and after reading this book, I found out that Flamenco music was the combination of Gypsy, Arabic and Jewish cultures oppressed during the Spanish Inquisition.

This book is a perfect diary of a woman who lived 84 years of hardship, toil, gratefulness, love for her children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren and appreciation of life’s adventures.

The White Witch of Wimbledon is worth reading from cover to cover as you will find in its 179 pages a glimpse into a rarely spoken times and places.

Evelyn Margaret Grey lives in West Park, Broward county, and is an attorney and former writer and editor for South Florida newspapers. She is the co-author of Sex and the Senior Citizen. Purchase a copy of this book at Amazon.com