Reviewed by Anita Finley, Gerontologist

This book answers all your concerns about your health even if your doctor seems too busy or disinterested. Don’t be discouraged as you will find out secrets and learn how to get the best advice from your doctor now. And if you don’t, get another doctor!

I think it was very brave of the author, Dr. Sherer to “spill the beans” about his colleagues. He is determined to tell the public why and how to rectify and satisfy the patient/doctor relationship.

Dr. Sherer covers so many topics with clarity and simple language. Here are some of the issues that I believe you will find appropriate and very helpful:

*The Obesity Threat is real and definitely leads to many illnesses. It’s his first and major chapter and he has such sound advice that if you are overweight (I like that word better), nothing, no nothing is more critical than to address your weight problem. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sherer and he is rail thin for many reasons! He loves food but he runs and rides his bike for miles every day…not just on weekends!

He is a strict vegan and believes in this diet for many reasons, one being, he does not want anything killed because he needs to eat it! Instead, he devours vegetables and fruit! Meditation is a complement to his way of life. He blames consumerism as one of the biggest threats we have to deal with today.

His chapter, Medication Nation is really scary and refers to it as a flawed solution. He lists the ten most prescribed meds and discusses what you my do to reduce them by careful changes in your diet and lifestyle. The ten most beneficial supplements Dr. Sherer shares information about are easy to add to your diet and will get positive results toward your health! (I was happy to see my favorites were on his list: beets, cinnamon, garlic, fish oil and others.)

The chapter on PAIN is everyone’s dilemma. He calls it the universal scourge. What is so important is his advice about how to handle it. The 20 questions he asks the readers who think they are up on basic health information is challenging but he provides answers to them!

My request to all our readers is to buy this book and use it as a bible to know what your body wants and needs and help your doctor to be the best he/she could be! How fortunate it was for Dr. Sherer to come into our lives!

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Dr. David Sherer is an American physician, author, inventor, and patient advocate. He retired from his clinical anesthesiology practice and lives with his wife, Lauren in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is writing novels and is available for interviews and speaking engagements.