Reviewed by Anita Finley, Gerontologist

Dr. Sherer is a renowned anesthesiologist who has written two world class medical books that we are featuring on this page. But wait! He is a Renaissance man and has also written a novel that is an absolute thriller with twists and turns that will keep the reader twirling around as each page is turned.

He used his medical brilliance to give his protagonist the perfect direction and information to become a multimillionaire in a very short period of time with an incredible devious plot. Into The Ether takes the reader into the wild race and perplexity of the stock market, with the criminal element that loves to make illegal money using villains and worldwide schemes.

Research of countries and their banking systems was critical in the believability of the plot. Like the author, Dr. Adrian Wren, an anesthesiologist, and the hero (or was he?) of the novel needed to research and know the intricacies and locations of all parts of the world that he traveled to be safe and not discovered by the authorities for what he plotted and almost pulled off!

This book has all the suspense and character development that movie producers look for and it is my guess that you will see this book developed into a wide screen thriller movie. It is not fair for me to give away too much of the plot but yes, there is an underlying love affair, and Dr. Wren is hopeful to see her again, but is unsure if and when due to unforeseen circumstances.

The plot thickens when the President of the United States, the FBI and worldwide authorities get involved and Dr. Wren makes the intricate web he designed more circuitous and dangerous.

Yes, I will admit that he did get caught by the authorities but what happened as his penalty is unimaginable.

The book, Into The Ether, is 370 pages filled with amazing escapades and well designed characters who fit into this complicated plot. What to buy your family and friends for the holidays? Into The Ether, of course!

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Dr. David Sherer is an American physician, author, inventor, and patient advocate. He retired from his clinical anesthesiology practice and lives with his wife, Lauren in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is writing novels and is available for interviews and speaking engagements.