Our October 2021 Book of the Month

Reviewed by Anita Finley, Gerontologist

This is a MUST book for everyone over the age of 50! The name says it all as Peggy Lee sang these lyrics in a sultry, melancholy voice in the 60s.

The author of ITATI, Bruce Turkel, is a national advertising genius and icon for his expertise of branding companies and this book, although different in topic, is a strong motivator to rethink who you are, what you have been doing in your life, and what other possibilities are out there waiting to be challenged.

Turkel’s book is refreshing in words and ideas for very successful people and those who have not yet found their true calling or passion in life…that is, not yet!

His 14 diverse interviews are quasi-memoirs, with fascinating subjects who reveal their innermost  istories of success and failure, all leading to a unique realization of what there is in their life that awaits them!

The author is an experienced interviewer and was able to put each person’s words into a magical blending of mystery, romance, shock, adventure and pain into an easy fast page-turner essay that instills into the reader how similar and different their experiences have been.

Bruce Turkel likes people which is obvious in his writing and is a born teacher. His comments before the interviews and after, are carefully planned to bring the readers along the path of why he wrote the book: It’s not over until it’s over and there is so much to enjoy, share, benefit and create until your last breath.

The one interview that was outstanding was his interview with Chris Crowley who wrote “Younger Next Year.” It is enlightening, honest and pretty amazing. I especially admire Bruce Turkel for his choice of people whom he chose to interview as they were absolutely stars in their own life, courageous and comfortable about telling their stories.

As Bruce Turkel said, “There’s quite a collection of powerful stories and valuable experiences to learn and grow from,” and he summarizes them as life’s guides in his chapter titled “Boiling It All Down.” It’s a quick blink into each of his interviews.

In my many years of reviewing books for Boomer Times, I have been impressed by the author’s creativity in writing about what they believed in, whether wrapped in a novel’s characters or by  haring their valuable information for health, wealth, travel and historical events.

Thank you Bruce for your great effort to awaken society! Don’t think about buying this book… run as fast as you can and order it! Wham Bang!!!

About the author:
Bruce Turkel born in 1957, in Miami Beach, and graduated from the University of Florida. He is a creative entrepreneur, speaker and author of many books on the subject of branding. He and his wife, Gloria, live in Coconut Grove, Miami Dade county.

To purchase a copy of this extraordinary book, please go to BruceTurkel.com or Amazon.com