Angel Water’s New Local Service Helps You Find Out

Earlier this year, residents of West Palm Beach were restricted from water use because of blue-green algae toxins, and were forced to use water from other sources, like bottled water.

This incident begs the question: What other contaminants are in the local drinking water?  And, it may have made you curious: how safe is bottled water? Or, how well do off-the-shelf water filters like Brita really work?

Now, a new local expert, Angel Water, is here to help ensure your water is truly clean and safe.

“Harmful contaminants are unfortunately proven to be in water across the country,” says Andrew Wilson, Angel Water owner and water-health evangelist.

“In West Palm Beach, for example, arsenic and chromium-6 are present.”  These and other invisible pollutants can increase the risk of cancer and kidney damage, among many other potential health problems.

Bottled and well water, too, can contain contaminants that popular carbon filter pitchers don’t remove.

The only way to know is to have your water professionally tested. Angel Water offers testing and diagnosis services, as well as treatment options that exceed city and EPA standards. The company recently opened in West Palm Beach, serving home and business owners throughout southeast Florida.

Angel Water comes to your home or business to first, test and determine true contaminant levels. Results are then explained, and customers learn about the many water filtration options available, including under the counter and whole-home systems such as:

  • Reverse osmosis, carbon, sediment filers
  • Water softeners
  • Chlorine injection systems

Make sure your water is as pure and healthy as possible. Call to schedule a no-cost consultation: (561) 899-6585.  Or, visit the Angel Water website at for blogs and videos on a range of informative topics.

And be sure to watch the ZoomerTimesTV interview with Andrew Wilson.