It’s Your Fault, Not Your Brain’s if it isn’t Keeping Up With Your Memory

By Anita Finley

Peggy Katsopoulos, author of Kitchen Cures, Revolutionize Your Health With Foods That Heal, says in her book that if you drain your brain, you will have a less than optimal memory. We all worry about our getting Alzheimer’s, or some form of dementia, but what are we doing to prevent it, or at least minimize our memory loss?

Another book I have just read is called simply, Remember, The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting, by Lisa Genova. Our brain can only do so much without our following certain rules and exercises.

Both books are a must if you want to tackle your brain’s extraordinary and marvelous capabilities. Every thought, every movement are all locked up into that active and vital gem we are born with. How we care for it and use it is up to us. Yes, there is disease and disabilities that we may not be able to prevent but think about what we can do to reach optimum vigor and vitality. I have become mesmerized by the brain and will be including each month in Boomer Times, a short piece of advice from experts, from readers, and my own research.

***The first one I am sharing is about SUGAR. Nutritionist Katsopoulos says, “Just as sugar sucks for your body, it sucks for your mind. It causes blood sugar imbalances and brain fog, disrupts concentration, and promotes inflammation. This inflammation is a main contributor to the formation of amyloid plaques in your brain, which slows down communication and can ultimately cause Alzheimer’s.” Read the labels and watch how much fructose is used. Get your sugar from fresh or frozen fruit.

***To remember more, PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing, where you are going, who you are talking with. While you are driving, turn off your talk radio, silence your mobile phone, concentrate where you are on the road. If you have passengers, more silence is more beneficial for concentration.