“THINK YOURSELF YOUNG… Laugh Yourself To Life!”

Author: Lea Hope Becker

— Reviewed by Anita Finley, Gerontologist

THINK YOURSELF YOUNG... Laugh Yourself To Life!” by Lea Hope Becker

THINK YOURSELF YOUNG… Laugh Yourself To Life!” by Lea Hope Becker

This is Lea Hope Becker’s sixth book and for our loyal readers, you will know her name and smile when you see the covers of her books. If you think they are amusing, then you must read their contents. She finds humor in every phase of life, and she pokes fun mostly at herself, family and even friends. Life is one big picnic table with all imaginable tasty bits.

Lea didn’t plan on being a real profession al writer, although she started writing when she was ten. Her real profession has been as a tax attorney. That’s her serious side, but even her clients share a fun-loving, bright and enthusiastic human being. Lea wrote her first book, I Promise To Keep Quiet (After I’m Dead) *maybe. Lucky for her, her husband is a talented illustrator and he designs her perfectly descriptive covers, which say it all!

Think Yourself Young is her first attempt at using her mind stretching ideas and making them rhyme. Yes, it is her poetry book. How she can blend her funny, outrageous, serious ideas and make them rhyme is no small task. The pages are separated into ten sections, with titles that display their down-to-earth ideas, all in verse. If you know Lea, the titles of each section wildly inform the readers of what most of us have been thinking as we age. For example, Antidote to Aging; The Pain of Adapting to Change; Women’s Tales of Men; Quarantining Isn’t Normal, Fretting is; Optimism for the Pessimists, to name some of them. I especially liked her “Computer Dating for the Over 55 Women,” as she poetically described anxious, hopeful romantics not showing their overweight bodies, and knowing they are not virgins anymore (from another poem), still hoping to find that prince charming. What she describes is a couple on a coffee date, the woman (Lea), dressed carefully and with hopeful outcome, and the man whose costume was slovenly put together and a real turn off. expressing a great disappointment. Oh well, another date, another guy try! And each of these sections begin with a very appropriate and comical illustration (thanks to Lea’s husband’s talent).

The small paperback is a quick read, sharing so many of our concerns, joys, privileges and legends from early childhood. It will fit in your purse or large pocket and keep you interested while waiting for your doctor’s appointment. (Yes, after the quarantine, you will be sitting in waiting rooms again.)

Lea Hope Becker

Lea Hope Becker

About the author:
Lea Hope Becker was born in Chicago, lived in Upstate New York but now she and her illustrator/photographer husband live in West Palm Beach. They like to travel when she is not helping her clients. She is involved in many writers’ groups and has a wonderful reputation by them and those who read her books: “A book written by Lea can brighten the darkest day!”

To purchase a copy of Lea’s book, go to LeaHopeBecker.com