March 2021 Publisher’s Choice

“Synagogue Stamps… An International Postage Tour of Synagogues”

Author – Harvey D. Wolinetz

Reviewed by Anita Finley, Gerontologist

"Synagogue Stamps"

“Synagogue Stamps”

This rare hard bound book is extraordinary! I have written many reviews throughout the years, but never have I seen such a work of art about an incredibly unique and special topic. As a life-long stamp collector, Harvey D. Wolinetz created a spectacular compilation of synagogues shown through their commemorative stamps and first day covers. It is truly an international trip around the world of synagogues shown through stamps. This book was no easy task, as each page is carefully laid out with country and locations noted on the top of each page. It is a comprehensive stamp digest of postmarks and mailed envelopes. (Harvey told me that the actual layout and design was by an Israeli, Leshon Limudim Ltd. and printed in Israel. It is truly 5 Star quality.)

By reading this book’s Preface, the Foreword, the Overview, and the Introduction, you will learn so much about Jewish history. I found myself fascinated and appreciative of what the Jewish people have been through. Harvey’s dedication says, “To the memory of the Jews and their synagogues which were destroyed during the Pogrom of November 9-10, 1938, I dedicate this work. May their memories be for a blessing and a reminder to future generations to ensure that such an event never occur again.”

I would not hesitate to say that there are few people who ever knew that synagogues had stamps showing their facades; many of these synagogues may no longer even be there. This is truly a coffee table book, for guests to sit and marvel at its contents. Every synagogue in the United States should purchase one for its library, even if they are not listed in it. There are many stamps showing synagogues in Israel, in the United States and many as far away as Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. What an amazing display.

This book is a philatelist’s dream as I am sure that nowhere else in the world does such a volume of postcards and first day covers exist. I loved seeing the pictures of the synagogues, their architecture, interiors, along with other related materials. It opened my eyes, and I am sure it will do so for readers about Jewish history seen through its synagogues.

Buy this book to add to your Passover’s celebration!

About the author:

Harvey D. Wolinetz is a successful real estate entrepreneur with holdings in New York and Texas. He is proud of this book which displays so many important synagogues throughout the world. He has always been an avid stamp collector, and this is his gift to the Jewish population. He has been gathering material for this book over fifty years. He and his wife, Louise, now reside in Surfside, Miami.

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