March 2021 Book of the Month

“Chasing Prince Charming”

Co-Authors: Melva Michaelian and Anna Carrasco Bowling

Reviewed by Anita Finley, Gerontologist


"Chasing Prince Charming"

“Chasing Prince Charming”

I was captivated by the two main characters, Dominic Stewart and Meg Crawford as they seemed so real, like many of my friends. That was because the authors developed all their characters so well. One can always tell how a book will be a “page turner” by the first chapter. This book will make you want to settle down and continue reading, putting everything else aside. That’s what you’ll get when you read Chasing Prince Charming.

The two authors, Melva Michaelian and Anna Carrasco Bowling, found a way to keep Meg just a little ahead of Dominic, who was trying to control her. He was the boss and she was not to be bossed, but was challenged by his proposition…finish the book that his mother started. Dominic’s mother was a well-thought-of writer and it would take someone of Meg’s skill to manage this task. Actually, the assignment came with mixed feelings, both for the work and how to deal with Dominic, publisher, writer, handsome, successful, and a womanizer. Meg was successful with her series of novels, but her publisher wanted her to try something different. And this is how Meg, grudgingly, got involved with this new situation. Some may see this as a chick flick, but there is so much more.

Dominic was totally attracted to Meg, first noting her sexy, red high heels, and the rest…her attitude, her independence, her writing talent, all packaged in perfect form to finish his mother’s book, something very important to him. Meg tried to push him away, keeping it professional, but the heat of his persona was always in the way. Should she succumb or keep it professional?

The pages stay warm until they get hot, too hot to avoid. First we see Meg as Cinderella, until we get to know her. And Dominic, can be the prince that all women are looking for? But Meg knows better.

We all wish for a “happily ever after” ending and the weaving in and out of tenuous situations will keep the reader turning the pages, faster and faster to see how they wind up.

I hope you enjoy this novel as I did. It’s truly worth the read.

About the authors:

Melva Michaelian taught high school and college literature. She is very active in the Romance Writers in New England. She continues to write novels, short stories and memoirs. She also loves to travel. She and her husband reside in Massachusetts where she enjoys her four children.


Anna Carrasco Bowling

Anna Carrasco Bowling

Anna Carrasco Bowling has been a writer of different genres but has settled in on novels about love and romance. She also writes a blog and was a nanny, an ear piercer and a family caregiver. She is active in the Romance Writers of America. She lives with her family in Upstate New York.