Death and the Energetic Matrix

By Roberta Hladek – Health Advocate

Roberta Hladek

Roberta Hladek

What happens when we die?  Numerous studies and research along with scholarly investigations have presented what is termed a Near Death experience, or NDE. Individuals considered in these studies were those who were physically compromised in some way through trauma, deteriorating physical conditions and some were even expected to die.  This research has given us an understanding of what may take place when the physical body dies.

As a spiritual being, we are pure conscious energy even while on earth. Being this pure conscious energy field, allows the AIM program, EMC2 to do a Life Force energetic evaluation that may reveal the presence of a Life Force within each of us, even though the person receiving the evaluation has died. Our Life Force is an evaluation of the flow of subtle energy or chi. These are spiritual energies, not physical energies. EMC2’s Life Force evaluation does not determine whether someone is alive or dead in the way that the presence or absence of a heartbeat or an active EKG does.

When the physical body dies, the energetic body will often continue for a period of days, weeks or, occasionally, several months. In fact, sometimes the energetic Life Force will accelerate when the physical body has been released. We believe this is because the energetic body is no longer being “weighed down” by the struggles of the physical body.

In this, as in many other instances, we must be vigilant in our attempts to see all of life as an energetic spiritual phenomenon, which is a manifestation of consciousness. The beauty of the AIM Program is that it provides all of the balancing energies we are currently aware of, without the need for specific energetic imbalances to be revealed in order to determine which energies are needed. As a participant on the AIM program, we choose on a subconscious level the balancing frequencies that are present and that we need to self-heal.

No one knows when we will die. However, while we are here in the physical, we can choose the Spiritual technology of the AIM program to self-heal and eliminate imbalances, and to raise our consciousness that will manifest for us a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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