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Facts about Astute Aging: Astronaut John Glenn returned from space at age 72. Ronald Reagan was elected to his second term as President at age 73. Frank Lloyd Wright was still working, designing world class homes at age 91. Julia Child had her TV debut at age 51 and wrote her famous cookbook at age 87. Robert Merehand set a new world record for his age group by bicycling nearly 17 miles in one hour. He was 102 years old. William Worrall Mayo founded the Mayo Clinic at age 70.

What makes the difference with these ageless people? Why did they stay young and vibrant despite their “true age?” Most people who live long, healthy and fulfilling lives are regular folks like you who refuse to equate age with illness and inactivity. And they get reliable information they need to keep themselves active and to prevent illness to achieve a long and healthy life.

(Excerpts from The Mayo Clinic Health Letter)

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