Anthony Michael Kulp, PA

Anthony Michael Kulp, PA

By Anthony Michael Kulp, PA

Due to Covid-19 Boomers are partly responsible for changing anything that has to do with meeting someone in person to retail shopping. We have refused to learn how to use Facebook, shop online, visit socially with friends or even entertain ourselves online. Well, those days are over. You did it and did it extremely well. Once you learned how to do it, you embraced the process after learning how easy it is.

Now you can meet with your doctor via internet whether you use zoom or any of the other apps that get the job done. If you chose a doctor who is willing to do those menial visits via the internet, you will no longer have to sit in the waiting room for hours just to be rushed through with the doctor, circle the parking lot for a space that isn’t a mile from the entrance or even get a ride if needed.

Shopping has become a breeze whether you only need a tube of toothpaste, house full of groceries, new shoes or even a new car. Seniors are one of the reasons that internet sales have skyrocketed during this crisis.

The unfortunate casualty of this are retail stores. Already Walmart, Target and other large retailers are closing stores knowing what the future holds. Small retailers are closing left and right as well. When you drive down the road, look at all the vacant commercial spaces. I suspect this is just the beginning. Optimistic business owners will wake up every day saying, “today will be better”. I know because that is what I did for years during the housing crisis before I merged my Real Estate Company with another.

This is called change and we are scared to death of it the older we get. We can’t beat it ‘em, so we might as well join ‘em. The truth is we are so proud of ourselves every time we strike a victory whether signing on to a meeting with friends or correctly ordering groceries to be delivered. Yeah, we shout raising our fists into the air after we slayed the internet dragon. It gives me goosebumps just writing this.

I would like to give some advice. Set up an online account such as PayPal or just use one credit card for internet purchases. Look for the green lock in the address bar to make sure the site is secure. If this sounds like I’m speaking in tongues, search the internet for a video that is able to explain it in detail. When doing a video meeting, adjust the camera and lighting. Make sure your background is neat and clean. A white wall with just a single picture seems to look best. Tape something on your door to let people know you are on a meeting and try to keep the dog occupied. Order a service such as Avast, Norton or other computer/internet protection products to keep your computer running efficiently and secure. Contact your internet provider to see if there is anything you can do to keep your internet speed up. Slow internet speed will freeze video meetings and cause pages to open slowly or not at all.

Learn to have fun with it. Take a deep breath and enjoy the experience. Don’t be afraid to hit the help button. Most sites now have live chat to help you navigate their website. Another word of caution: Do not give anyone you don’t know remote access to your computer or your credit card number. When in doubt, do without.

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