"Boomer Time"

“Boomer Time”

By Dan Verity

Moriches, NY – Lisa and Jeff Zahradka have always enjoyed the waters off Long Island, New York. Lifelong boaters, the Zahradka’s recently retired and decided to downsize their lives. Having sold their enormous 47-foot Egg Harbor, Lisa and Jeff purchased a gently-used 37-foot cabin cruiser; a much more manageable pleasure boat for the retired lifestyle.

But, what to name the new baby? Well, that was the question they asked each other the very same day the June issue of Boomer Times & Senior Life Magazine arrived in the mail. “That’s it!” Lisa exclaimed to Jeff. “Boomer Time is the perfect name for our new boat!”

And, so it is! In short order, the new boat was christened “Boomer Time” and Lisa and Jeff have returned to the waters of Long Island with family and friends.

Happy Boating from the entire Boomer Times family!

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