June 2020 Book of the Month

“How to Start Your Own Small Business”

By Bernard Featherman and Andrew C. Featherman

Reviewed by Anita Finley

Although my communications business is over 30 years old, after reading the Feathermans’ book,I wish we had had the information that is so beautifully written when we began. This book has so much value for those who are just starting their own business, as well as those who should review how their business is currently doing.

How to Start You Own Small Business is so apropos for society today.There are many retirees who want to be active and have long held ideas to impart, as well as enough savings to be able to spend on their dreams. And even more appropriate will be the many people who lost their jobs and cannot find others.They can seek out those with similar interests who want to pursue a new career, while maintaining control.

The authors are father and son,each with a successful career and experience in many businesses.All one must do is check the Table of Contents and it will impress you to see how completely every aspect of what a business owner(s) needs to know. There are eleven chapters and I have summarized a few of them.

Chapter 1. Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur? One must really want this journey to be successful since there will be many curves and challenges that may lead you to sleepless nights and painful days.However, the excitement of starting an enterprise that you control and make successful is worth the journey.

Chapter 4. The Business Plan. Every detail is explained in this chapter and some of the highlights are that you must have at least enough money or resources to last for 18 months. In my communications business, there are people who want to advertise, yet they just started they do not have the funds to do it. I always respond that you will never get off the ground unless you advertise! The information listed here is so valuable.It could be used for business owners to rethink their current business and apply some of these techniques.

Chapter 8. Sources of Funds and Financing for New Business. The part I totally agree with is to be able to explain what you want the money for and if you don’t know what an elevator speech is, it can be your “make or break” synopsis. If you watch the TV show, “The Shark Tank,” the most important first 30 seconds decides whether the investors are interested.

I genuinely enjoyed and admired the authors, because so much of their information is down-to-earth and easy to comprehend.

This 305-page book will make a perfect gift for anyone whom you know is starting a new business. Better yet, buy it for yourself and maybe you are the business entrepreneur.

About the authors:

The honorable Bernard Featherman was Mayor of Highland Beach, FL where he resides. His other titles are all indicative of what his powerful organizational skills and personality displays and attracts currently in South Florida. He dedicated this book to his brilliant wife, Dr. Sandra Featherman, who held very high positions always helping other women across the globe. Bernard enjoys working with non profit organizations where he is always in demand. He has spent his last 60 years in successful businesses.

Andrew C. Featherman is an attorney and a lifelong entrepreneur. He holds an MBA from Temple University and lives in Philadelphia. He and his father have shared many business enterprises.

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