May 2020 Book of the Month

“The Butterfly Club”

by Phyllis Calvey

Reviewed by Anita Finley

"The Butterfly Club" by Phyllis Calvey

“The Butterfly Club” by Phyllis Calvey

I was immediately attracted to this book due to my pure love and fascination of butterflies. If you have never seen a cloud of butterflies or held one in your hand, you have missed out on a sacred moment.

I am sure each person who is reading this review has a personal story to relate about their butterfly experience. There are many butterfly gardens throughout the country, because butterflies are not only beautiful, they have personal meanings.

The Butterfly Club is open to all who love butterflies and believe that they are sent as messengers by loved ones who are no longer on earth. Whenever I am walking and see butterflies, I must admit that I believe my loving husband is somewhere in that realm. He and I had happy times watching butterflies in their natural setting or in enclosed environments. Their short life, I believe, is to bring happiness and psychic beauty to us.

Phyllis (Miss Butterfly) Calvey, the author, is so convincing in her stories of loved ones, friends, and others about what butterflies meant in their lives and it is only appropriate that I nicknamed her Miss Butterfly. She started The Butterfly Club, because of all the people who told her stories of their butterfly experiences butterflies have become symbolic for friendship, love, loved ones departing, weddings, and more events that share special memories.

Calvey talks about butterfly appearances as a sign from God and shares her personal stories as a minister who sees how butterflies can ease the pain from a loved one who passes. She shares stories of grieving people who believe that butterflies are sent to assure them that all is okay. Her book is not so much religious as it is a strong belief that a butterfly is a way that God can be present when needed most.

In her first chapter, Phyllis explains that having a butterfly appear at a certain time is not a coincidence, but a sign. She has many years of helping people in the ministry and sees how a simple butterfly can affect an outcome, bringing joy and blessings to a difficult situation. I don’t think there is another insect that has this place of importance in the universe. And when you think of its struggle to become a butterfly, there is something immensely powerful in its short lifetime.

Butterflies are found in every corner of the earth (maybe not in the Arctic Circle?), showing off their magnificent beauty, each one just a little bit different. Their colors are painted by the very existence of nature and to heal broken hearts. Why else would such a tiny creature be held in such high esteem?

If you like butterflies, Phyllis Calvey makes you an automatic member of The Butterfly Club, which has over 6,000 throughout the world. Her book is required reading to get the greatest benefit out of your membership.

About the author:

Phyllis Calvey

Phyllis Calvey

Phyllis Calvey is a writer, speaker, educator, and storyteller with over thirty years of experience in pastoral ministry and religious education. She and her songwriter husband formed the Lighthouse Ministry in 1992. They live in Bellingham, Massachusetts. surrounded by their children, grandchildren and beautiful garden.

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