April 2020 Book of the Month

“American Spiritual Warrior”

by Rabbi Yosef Aryeh Grodsky

Reviewed by Anita Finley

Our “Book of the Month” for April is a perfect read for the enormous and complex catastrophe in which we are living. In February, when we decided to feature Rabbi Grodsky’s book, American Spiritual Warrior, in our April issue, before we knew about the virus, we felt he was a rare find. With his road from somewhat normality to his travels to reach such a high pinnacle, he shows his extraordinary life.

Our author, Rabbi Grodsky, lived his own catastrophic life growing up in the Bronx without a large and loving family, being bullied in school and tormented in his young life. You will be fascinated by his long journey to where he is today, living an enlightened life. He opened his heart and mind to share his story in his book, hoping that others who are struggling in their own lives, will be relieved and restored, and know they are all part of a larger puzzle of life’s travails.

Rabbi Grodsky’s school years,including college, were not joyful and yet he plodded along, knowing instinctively that he was on a journey to find a special calling. He shares his experiences in the 60s, Woodstock, drugs and many of society’s changes. He has chapters about his personal life cycle of marriage and divorce,his son, his family’s later years where death plays a strong part in resolving issues. His book literally allows us to go deep inside his emotions, which are poignant and believable.

An important part of his discovery was reading about his dedication to yoga and Kundalini. He was confused but excited about what the Gurus taught. He found he was able to see himself, mind and body,in a totally different way and with a deeper sense of his inner person than ever before. His Glossary in the back of his book is quite extensive and informative.

What Rabbi Grodsky calls his Book 5 is so important. He titles it Spiritual Technologies.It consists of 4 separate chapters: 1) On Love; 2) Conscious Crying as a Spiritual Practice;3) Spiritual Technologies for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder;and 4) A Vision for the Future. If you read nothing but these four chapters, you also will be enlightened in your life. Of course, I know you will totally enjoy reading his entire book, so please buy it and get inspired.

We hope you listen to my radio interviews with Rabbi Grodsky coming up in April and May. Check our website for dates and times.

About the author: Yosef Aryeh Grodsky was born in the Bronx. He holds various higher education degrees. He has a musician son, Gavi, who lives on the west coast. Yosef lives in Jupiter, Florida. His primary interest is spiritual transformation and its various mystical experiences through unique spiritual practices and world religions. Prior to rabbinic studies, he worked for Citicorp in international banking and finance.