February 2020 Publisher’s Choice

“Glamour, Glitz, and Gossip”

By Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince

Reviewed by Anita Finley

If you have been following these “celebrity” authors, you will want to definitely buy this book! Smaller than all of their Blood Moon books, it is a rapid fire of enticing and never before seen or written about by any other authors. From the Silver Screen of Hollywood to the lights on Broadway, celebrity secrets are exposed within the walls of this old home called Magnolia House. Although I have had the privilege and fun days of staying there with my late husband, Bill, I always enjoyed the mysterious and outrageous stories that Darwin told us.

Located on Staten Island overlooking the waterfront, it is a majestic “grand lady” with so many secrets hiding in its corners going all the way up three floors. It is only appropriate that such a book would be written there. Most of the famous movie stars led lives of fame, fortune, and high stakes of love and careers. Darwin and Danforth report all of it. Many stayed at the Magnolia House. If you were curious about the lives of so many famous movie stars and celebrities, this is the book you definitely want to buy. Have fun!