“Life’s Many Curves”

Author: Herbert J. Abrams

Reviewed by Anita Finley

I assumed that the author, Herbert Abrams, thought he was writing a memoir. Yes, it did tell his life’s travails, but it also went deep into his character, as he dealt with familial issues, and what he learned over his lifetime. From reading his book, you will feel that you truly know him, with all his strengths and weaknesses and admire his passionate love of photography and film making. He writes very honestly, which make reading the book captivating. Women played a very strong part in his life, and his three wives, Kathy, June and Eva, all different in character and personality, brought him to rapture and tears, experiencing episodes that would make a popular soap opera.

I was especially fascinated by Abrams’ early life since it occurred in Miami, where I have roots and lived my early years. I enjoyed reading about the schools he attended and places he went. It felt familiar to me and will to anyone who lived in Miami. Much has changed with the diversity that has occurred, but not enough to make Abrams want to leave his home in the Aventura area which has remained quite exciting and stable.

Abrams is truly a family man, appreciates friends and colleagues. He dedicated his book to his third wife, Eva, for her patience and support while he wrote his “memoir.” Of his wives, I felt a kinship to Eva, as she was generous, intelligent and truly loves Herb. Herb went through the o deal of death of his first and second wives and yet, he managed to deal with that journey with a reality that kept his family protected.

The name of Herbert Abrams’ book, Life’s Many Curves is quite appropriate. Why I specifically appreciated his book was that the journey with its curve was similar to so many other people’s lives. For example, I just finished a review of the life of Burt Reynolds and he also had many ups and downs, although they were in high society and celebrity status. Women played a major role in his life. He also cared for his family and old friends.

Abrams named his book so appropriately, based on his philosophy: Here is a sample of something he wrote: His wife, Eva, was very ill and he never gave up on her recovering, which she did. This is what he wrote: “However, if all goes well, our last years together will improve as we get those bumps in the road cleared up. If not, we will make the best of what we have. Look at how many curves there have been in my road through life, and how I was able to navigate them.”

It’s an easy read as there are 20 short chapters filling 160 pages.

After you read his book, it might give you motivation to write your own memoir and turn it into a book as Abrams did.

About the author:
Herbert J. Abrams is originally from Miami, was schooled there, married, and reared a family of three children. He served in the Army and specialized in photography and film. When he got out of the service, he moved back to Miami and worked as a District Manager at the Miami News, taught and freelanced. He is very close to his children and grandchildren. He and Eva live in Aventura.

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