Bill and Anita Finley

Bill and Anita Finley

Give the Gift of a Longer Life
Authors: Anita and Bill Finley
Reviewed by Anita Finley

It is unusual to write my own review, but it does give me an opportunity to discuss issues about the book that no one knows, and I think our readers will find interesting. The book was inspired by my making many speeches in the 1990s to audiences who lived in the 55 Plus communities. They had recently retired and were trying to figure out what retirement had in store for them. Many thought they had only a few years after they retired to live so they didn’t consider the opportunities that were in front of them, enabling them to live a healthy and happy life for many years to come. My speeches were meant to inspire and test their knowledge and provide food for thought, which many audiences were thrilled to hear.

It was those speeches and the columns that I wrote for the Palm Beach Post for 10 years that evolved into the making of this book. I do attribute much of the design and cohesiveness to my dearest husband, Bill, who was such an organized and enthusiastic proponent of living a long and healthy life. The book shares pros and cons of what it takes to live to be 100 and today, we know even longer, in a healthy and happy state of mind. The chart in the back of the book is a test with 50 questions that help guide you to reach longevity and the goal is to continue to see if you are moving forward in that direction.

Most people didn’t know that television shows were also very interested in this trend of longevity and so when our book came out, 3 of the major TV channels, ABC,NBC, and CBS in New York wanted shows addressing the idea of living to 100. They brought me up to be their guest to discuss what was to come and had George Plimpton (who are the age of 60+ just had twins); Eartha Kitt, who was as sexy as ever, appear. Additionally,they brought on a man who was 100+ and just married his 65-­year-old nurse aid who cared for his wife; and a famous tap dancer who was still tapping at 80. And there were others who the networks featured, always asking me to participate. In my research as a gerontologist, I knew that people were going to live longer but much of the public didn’t. They used our book to promote their shows, so it was exciting for Bill and me to have that exposure.

Through personal experience, I saw my grandmother live to 95, my mother to 94, my aunt to 95, and Bill at 93 (inventing and creating),and so many others following in their footsteps. What was always important, however, was to not just live, but to be happy and healthy.Today’s technologies have created and encouraged this mindset. And instead of nursing homes being the place to look forward as one ages, the senior communities allover the country are enlightened and encouraging living a long and healthy life with their programs and challenges.

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