Author: Arthur Bloom, M.D.

Reviewed by Anita Finley

I know Arthur Bloom. I like Arthur Bloom. But as a reviewer, I also have to be honest and fair, describing his recent book, IN MY DNA.

One of many others he has written, Arthur is a man who speaks the truth, but in a poetic style. From the minute I began reading his book, I was spellbound by its honesty and simplicity, learning so much more about this charming and intellectual man. It must have been fun for him to write what I would call his autobiography. Even if you don’t know him personally, as I do, it would be a fascinating book to read because his life is adventurous, intense, humorous, scientific and raw.

Arthur writes with no bars held, yet with great compassion for most in his path. As I read this very contagious book, I began to think that I, too, might one day put down my life’s whereabouts and circumstances. I truly believe that as people read IN MY DNA, they will become a friend of Arthur Bloom. And he does have many friends, from his earliest years in elementary school throughout his medical career and his other journeys.

Traveling around the world and living in foreign countries rounded out Arthur Bloom’s vision of life, from the sophisticated to the simplest. His gentle nature is exposed on many of the pages, which makes his book so revealing. And personal. Yes, he allows his innermost thoughts, hopes, dreams and regrets to emerge freely.

For those readers who are in the medical field, it will be worth your read as there is so much in his medical genetics descriptions not easily found in such an easy style to understand. And for others, it will provide a basket of ideas and challenges to decide if you are up to this type of autobiography. Perhaps the reason IN MY DNA is so well written, is because Arthur always wanted to be a writer, but his medical career became his passion and his writing, his avocation. Now, after retiring from his medical celebrity, Arthur Bloom, can continue with his passion for writing.

Arthur Bloom, MD

Arthur Bloom, MD

About the author: Arthur Bloom is a Bostonian, was Professor of Human Genetics at Columbia University, and lived in Japan, Paris, New York City and the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. He and his wife, Deborah, live in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He is a full-time writer and thinker.

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