Hold your breath; this is Nutmeg the cat, a 31-year old cat, probably the oldest living cat in the world. Cats are not known to have a longer lifespan. They tend to live for not more than 20 years, especially if they are indoor cats.



Stray cats and cats that venture out don’t live longer, but it is very surprising to know that a tabby cat can live for 31 years and counting. Nutmeg celebrated his 31st birthday very recently, which is equivalent to 141 in human years.

Nutmeg Background

Nutmeg the cat has the distinction of being the oldest living cat in the world. This 31 year old tabby from Newcastle, UK started his journey as a stray cat and was found in the backyard of his owners Liz and Ian Finlay some 26 years ago with a lump on his neck under a wheelbarrow. They somehow managed to get him inside their home to clean his abscess. He is the life of this house, is absolutely gorgeous and completely rules the house, according to the Finlay’s. The Finlay’s adopted the cat in 1990 as a stray. He then went on to create a good bonding with their pet cat, Spice.

The Finlay’s got this stray cat to the local cats protection center to treat his abscess on the neck, where they were told that Nutmeg was an adult and is at least five years old. This makes Nutmeg a 31-year cat, the oldest cat in the world to qualify for the Guinness Book of Records, but for the certification the owners have to prove his age by providing certain documents, which can be quite difficult, but they are trying their best to arrange the same. The Finlay’s celebrate Nutmeg the cats birthday every march as they found the 31-year old cat in March. The couples have treated him as their child as they themselves don’t have any of their own.

Nutmeg The Cat Health and Breed

Nutmeg is a tabby cat with a loving, caring nature and a naughty streak. He enjoys his sleep, feeds and playtime with kids and family. According to his owners, Nutmeg owns them and always reminds them of this, which is why they feel he has survived for 31 years. He has been very well taken care of by the Finlay’s. Nutmeg the cat even has a separate room in the house. It is his attitude of not giving up and enjoying life to the fullest is one of the reasons for his good life span. Cats usually hate loud noises, but this is not the case with Nutmeg, he enjoys every bit of it.

Nutmeg is deaf in one ear and has only three teeth left, but Nutmeg is very strong and has successfully come out fighting from a serious ailment. Nutmeg the cat suffered a seizure last year and came out strong after spending few days at the hospital even though the doctors suggested the Finlay’s to consider putting him down. The Finlay’s did not give up and wanted to give Nutmeg a chance and by Gods grace, this 31-year old cat has come out healthy, though age has taken its toll on his health.