Anita Finley, Radio Host and Gerontologist

Anita Finley, Radio Host and Gerontologist

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Featured in the December 2021 Issue of

Boomer Times & Senior Life Magazine

“ROSA” by Lyndon Haynes

Our December 2021 Book of the Month Review by Anita Finley, Gerontologist Readers: if you like novels that have a unbelievably cruel beginning, a dangerous middle and a breathtaking ending, this is a novel you must read. The English author, Lyndon Haynes, is a...

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Feel Better by Linda Sauget

Small things can make a big difference. One small idea helped severely depressed people feel better.  They went from being severely depressed (unable to get out of bed in many cases) to either being moderately or mildly depressed after practicing a simple technique...

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Solving the Car Problem for Older Adults

One of the biggest concerns older drivers have is not wanting to give up their car because they want to remain independent. It’s one of the major concerns of families who don’t feel their parent should still be driving. The car is an important aspect of aging that...

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Facts and History of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycle (e-bike) is the only transportation device that managed in the last 20 years to take significant part of the bicycle market share. With its simple design that closely mimics traditional bicycle, small and efficient electric motor and easy control...

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Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Love a good twice-baked potato when you’re craving something creamy, carb-y, and comforting. These twice-baked sweet potatoes exhibit all the same qualities, in addition to being super healthy —the perfect vegetarian dinner! INGREDIENTS • 6 large sweet potatoes,...

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CarePlus Introduces CareSalute HMO

CarePlus Introduces CareSalute HMO Medicare Advantage Plan to Complement VA Healthcare Coverage   While CareSalute is an option for all Medicare beneficiaries, the new plan, offered in Broward and Palm Beach counties, is designed to complement VA healthcare...

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Machu Pichu and the Golden Empires of Peru

Visit This Spellbinding Exhibit at the Boca Raton Museum of Art Embark on a journey through time and discover a culture that thrived in a mythic world. Explore the world premiere exhibition, Machu Picchu and the Golden Empires of Peru! Behold the marvels of...

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Name that Christmas Carol, by Richard Lederer

When I was a callow youth, my neighborhood buddies and I used to sing a learned lyric that played with levels of diction:   Propel, propel, propel your craft Placidly down the liquid solution. Ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically. Existence is...

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Good morning Anita…yesterday’s podcast was so much fun! I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity and all of the very kind words…I feel as if my life is on the verge of something special and it is an incredibly exciting yet very strange experience.

I wish you and Dan a safe and fun summer!
We will definitely stay in touch….
Again…thank you.
Only the best,
Lisa Novick Goldberg

Author of "The Apple and The Shady Tree... The Mafia, My Family, and Me" our June 2021 Book of the Month


The review is beautiful, generous, and kind.
Thank you so very much.
The issue looks great, too!
I will post a picture on my social media platforms and send copies and photos to my two publishers as well.

It turns out that the wonderful writer is YOU! I can’t wait for the next one!


Monk Yun Rou

Monk Yun Rou

Author of "Mistress Miao" our Publisher's Choice for June 2021

Aloha, Anita and Dan!

First, Anita, thank you for the beautiful review. I so much appreciate it.

Dan, I just went down to our condo lobby and got our mail with the fourteen copies and tearsheets. Thank you so much. The magazine is spectacular and we’re just delighted with your placement of my review and our ad on the facing page. Also, Dan, thank you for the Zoom details. Yes, with Larry setting me up, I’ll practice. 

Thank you both for the excellent coverage. We’re thrilled! With hugs and much aloha,

Rosemary and Larry

Rosemary and Larry Mild

Author of "In My Next Life, I'll Get it Right" our June 2021 Publisher's Choice

My sincerest gratitude for making my interviews on ZoomerTimes TV one of my most favorite times of my career. You both have the inept ability of making guests feel like we are just chatting over coffee! You inspire me to do better in life.
Hopefully we can arrange to meet during the winter months. I hold onto that delightful wish.
Stay save and until we see each other be happy.
Maureen Lyons Andrews

Maureen Lyons Andrews

Author, October 2020 Book of the Month - "Handbook for Those Who Grieve"

Thanks Dan,

We have had a great response from the magazine and radio show. We are still recruiting companions for our October [2018] training and the additional airing will give us an extra boost.

Nancy Frent

AmeriCorps Director Intake and Referral Specialist, Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service


Thank you for the interview today. You are extremely gifted at keeping the person being interviewed at ease, but also engaged.


Keith Burns, MS, CSCS, Co-Author of "Exercises for Cardiac Recovery"

Exercise Science Program Instructor, Raritan Valley Community College